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As If The Breakup Of A Family Were Not Difficult Enough, Attempting To Reach A Compromise Regarding Custody, Parenting Time, Support And Other Issues Which Affect How Your Child Will Be Raised Can Add An Entire New Layer Of Complexity. Being A Parent Is Challenging On Its Own, Dealing With A Dispute Can Be Overwhelming. Our Richmond Hill Family Law Office Highly Experienced Family Law Lawyers Can Guide And Direct You As To All Available Options With The View Of Making Your Child-Related Issues Far Less Stressful. When Parents Cannot Come To An Agreement Regarding Child Custody And Access, The Family Law Courts Will Make A Determination Based On What Is In The "Best Interests Of The Child."

The Courts May Consider

  • Each Parent's Relationship With The Child
  • The History In The Household
  • How The Child Has Adjusted
  • Mental And Physical Health Of Both The Parents And The Child
  • The Willingness Of Each Parent To Foster A Close Relationship With The Other Parent
  • The Age And Maturity Of The Child And
  • The Child's Views And Preferences

Our Richmond Hill Family Law Office Will Help Draft An Out Of Court Agreement With A Full And Comprehensive Parenting Schedule And, Where There Is No Agreement Between The Parents, We Strongly Advocate For Your Position In Court.

Do you need a Child Custody Lawyer? Contact Our Experienced Child Custody Lawyers At Our Richmond Hill Family Law Office who will guide and direct you as to all available options with the view of making your child-related issues far less stressful.

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