Find quick and easy solutions to common queries about our legal services in Ontario

  • Why do you do one-hour consults instead of a brief 15 or 30-minute initial consult?
  • How long will it take for my case to process?
  • I want a simple separation. Can you help me?
  • Do you do prenups?
  • I only want a divorce. Is this possible?

We want to welcome our clients and provide them with value from the start. Sometimes it is essential to speak to a lawyer about positions, processes, and options and to give you a comforting first meeting where we can look into your matter and determine your best course of action. We don’t want to rush you, and we don’t want to give you a sales pitch or be too abrupt. We want to spend the time necessary to truly understand your specific case and situation to provide you with better value in the long run. Even if you’re unsure if you will continue the process or wish to retain a lawyer, you deserve time to process the information and feel empowered with knowledge.

Every case is different; we efficiently work your case to avoid prolonging or delaying finality. Completion is essential to everyone, but at the same time, every case is unique. It’s something to discuss directly with the lawyer to determine what steps are necessary to bring you to the finish line in your particular case with your specific circumstances. However, you also have control to move the matter along and not delay it – we work as a team, client and lawyer, to navigate the process.

Yes. Some matters are simple and can get done in a straightforward manner. When you consult with our law firm, we will determine how quickly we can resolve the matter without rushing or acting hasty. Protecting you is our priority.

Prenups, an American term, are also known in Canada as marriage contracts, or, for parties who are moving in together and are living in common-law, we have cohabitation agreements. We do these regularly to protect your financial positions, which can get tailored to meet your specific requested needs.

If somebody is seeking a divorce, the criteria for divorce in Ontario is no fault, and it is necessary to be separated from your spouse for over one year. However, the good news is you can start the process in the courts before the year's conclusion, so you aren’t delayed in the long run. You can get divorced so long as there are no outstanding issues related to decision-making or child support obligations. However, if the court is satisfied that the children are protected, the court will grant a divorce in most circumstances - our office and firm can help you reach this goal.

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