Cohabitation Agreement/Marriage Contract

Cohabitation Agreement/Marriage Contract

Marriage Contract / Cohabitation Lawyers in Richmond Hill, York Region

People tend to look at a cohabitation agreement or a marriage contract as being something only those with extremely high levels of assets require.

In fact, a well-constructed agreement can be beneficial for most couples considering living common-law or marriage. A cohabitation agreement/marriage contract allows a couple to plan their future with a bit more security and predictability. Some people feel that this type of agreement undermines the dedication to marriage, yet such an agreement should be looked at no differently than insurance. We enter into these agreements to protect ourselves "just in case" considering that half of all marriages end in divorce. There are many benefits associated with such agreements. Our Richmond Hill Family Law Office will ensure your rights are completely protected should the need arise. We also understand that having a conversation with your partner about entering into a marriage contract may be uncomfortable or scary.

We can assist you in how to approach this topic and will guide you in how to reduce the stress or anxiety that may come with broaching this with your partner.

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