Spousal Support

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There are many reasons why a spouse may seek spousal support from the other.

  • One spouse may have been a stay at home parent
  • He or she may have a disability
  • The couple may have a business where the company is held in one person's name
  • One spouse may have made certain sacrifices
  • Compromises while the other spouse maximized their earning potential
  • There is a large difference between couple's salaries.

Spousal support may be available either under the Family Law Act or the Divorce Act. Family law courts will seek to set a fair support amount if the couple is unable to reach an agreement without the court's involvement.

The court will first determine whether support is applicable to the particular case taking into consideration the duration of the relationship.

Our spousal support lawyers at MP Lawyers in Richmond Hill Law Office will guide you as to your entitlement and/or obligation to pay, explain to you the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines, which courts, while not bound by, may consider. Our spousal support lawyers will help you negotiate a fair agreement and where necessary will litigate to protect your rights.

Whether you are the payer or the recipient Our Richmond Hill Family Law Office will be with you every step of the way.

Child Support

In determining the amount of child support that should be paid, the courts will consider the income of the parent paying support, together with the number of children. The court considers the Federal Child Support Guidelines or the provincial Child Support Guidelines to determine the amount of child support. The Child Support Guidelines list the monthly amounts payable based on the income and number of children that payer has. The income of the recipient is only required when special and/or extraordinary expenses are being sought.

The Guidelines are more complicated than they appear, and Our child support lawyers at MP Lawyers in Richmond Hill Law Office will help you navigate the complex factors and make sure that the amount you pay or receive is fair in all the circumstances.

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