Busted! Don't Believe These Myths About Divorce!


Getting a divorce is never easy! Being forced to make decisions during an emotionally trying time force you to seek assistance from people you know and love. However, the advice that’s forthcoming isn’t always right.

In your best interests, people tell you how you should go about handling matters right from the status of the children, to who gets to keep the dog, making you feel like the world is full of experts trying to get you the best deal.

However, more often than not, this advice is based on misinformation that has been passed down from person to person. And blindly following this advice could cause more harm than good.

The MP LAWYERS takes divorce very seriously. We understand your situation and want to help you, which is why we have debunked some of the most widely believed myths about divorce.

1. Leaving the matrimonial home to live elsewhere implies that you forfeit your ownership rights.

This is not true. Leaving the matrimonial home to live elsewhere does not mean you abandoned the home. Your ownership rights continue to exist as before. We can ensure that we preserve all your property rights, regardless as to where you currently reside, even if it is out of the country or province. Moving will not affect your entitlement.

2. Your lawyer must always be aggressive

While most clients want their lawyers to be aggressive to the other side, it’s actually far more cost effective to be respectful and direct. The accusatory exchange of letters is costly but not conducive to resolving the matter but actually fuels the dispute, prolongs the case and escalates costs.

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