Busted! Don’t Believe These Myths About Family Law!

Author: Sherri D Moss | | Posted in CHILD SUPPORT , FAMILY LAWYER


Going through a divorce, separation, annulment, adoption or child custody battle, is emotionally, physically, and mentally challenging, and trying to do it without legal assistance makes it harder. Family law attorneys specialize in cases that involve family members, negotiating settlements and offering advice based on the needs of your situation. They help minimize a negative impact and achieve a favorable result, and ensure your loved ones are well represented and protected.

However, while there is a general understanding of the benefits of a family law lawyer, many are still uncertain about their importance in dealing with emotion-rich cases. Besides, several others are ignorant about the law or let misconstrued notions guide their legal decisions. This can not just affect your finances but can disrupt your mental and emotional well being.

To help you steer clear of the misconceptions that plague this genre of law, MP LAWYERS has debunked two of the most widely believed myths about family law.

Myth 1: The mother always gets custody of the children.

This myth exists due to preconceived beliefs that the mother should care for the child. In Ontario, however, the law has evolved. Courts now treat each parent as equal, without placing any relevance on gender. When determining who gets custody and access, the courts tend to keep their focus on the best interests of the children.

Myth 2: The lower income spouse can always claim spousal support: 

The reality is that there are a considerable number of factors that will ascertain entitlement. Once the threshold of entitlement is achieved, the second determination is quantum and duration. Spousal support is complex, and family law lawyers make every effort to explain entitlement and or obligations to pay support and work towards a fair outcome.

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