Common Mistakes People Make When Choosing A Family Law Lawyer



When dealing with delicate situations like family matters, people generally do not want to get lawyers involved. They believe lawyers make things like separations, child custody, and property divisions messier than they need to be. However, when it comes to family matters, lawyers are the best people to approach. Even if the individuals in question are completely cordial about the whole circumstance, things need to be handled legally to make sure all the T’s are crossed and the I’s dotted.

Keep in mind that finding a family law attorney might not be easy as they handle delicate and personal situations, which require you to feel comfortable while working with them. Which is why it would be best if you found a professional you can talk to freely without holding anything back, putting them in a better position to assist you.

Unfortunately, many people do not consider the realities of their situation before seeking legal assistance. They allow emotions to cloud their better judgment, give into frustrations, and let friends and family make their decisions. These mistakes can result in severe trouble now and in the future. To help you avoid such instances, MP LAWYERS has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when choosing a family law lawyer.

1. Not spending enough time to find the right expert. You need to know that finding the right fit is worth your time investment. There’s no need to rush the decision. Have a meeting with a lawyer and be prepared to express your fears, concerns, and expectations.

2. Leaving everything up to the lawyer. If you feel rushed into the legal process, you may want to avoid participating and leave everything in the lawyer’s hands. However, as a client, you can add your inputs without overstepping your role. The key is to come up with a strategy that suits your personality. Also remember, costs can be high, so a wise approach is to express multiple questions or concerns in one email or phone call.

3. Allowing emotion or pressure from family members to persuade decisions. This is your case, and you are unique so the way to approach your circumstances may be different from someone else who went through the same thing. Manage expectations but be an active participant. Remember, this is your matter and your journey.

4. Giving in to frustration and firing or changing lawyers hastily. Before changing lawyers, spend time outlining your disappointments and concerns. A small check-in can often shed light on the things causing your frustration and help you reach solutions.

5. Expecting the same results as someone else. As a customer, you need to be aware that while on the face a fact scenario may appear similar, there are often many variables that determine the outcome. Trust is crucial in a lawyer-client relationship.

6. Choosing a lawyer based on hourly rates or retainer fees. Clients’ often make this mistake because they have heard stories or are genuinely concerned about costs. However, it would be best if you focused on your lawyer’s methods and services first. To know your lawyer better, ask broader questions, such as how many steps will you case require, or what are the costs for the various options presented. Take the time to understand the whole process before asking the initial question about hourly rates or upfront retainers.

7. Following the advice of a friend or family member who went through the same thing. Usually, people get caught in the trap that everyone they know is suddenly an expert. The best way to fix that mistake is to exercise discretion, not everyone needs to know your business. Find a lawyer you trust and leave all the backseat lawyers to keep their opinions out of earshot. Keep only one or two confidants to run things by.

8. Expecting to provoke the other side or have letters sent every time an incident arises during a separation. It is vital to know that being too reactive often backfires. Take a step back as nothing is earth shattering that needs to be addressed instantly. When clients wait twenty-four hours before contacting a lawyer about a concern, they often calm down and have a much better perspective. This can control costs and emotions from running too high.

To avoid these and other mistakes, reach out to the dedicated and experienced lawyers at MP LAWYERS. We have been providing exceptional legal representation for our family law clients for over fifteen years. We understand that one of the more emotionally troubling and challenging events encountered in life include separation or divorce and the related family law issues that ensue. We are happy to represent you with the experience that we already have, and tackle any challenges that may come up.

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